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An attorney that grew up in the restaurant business. An attorney that knows the restaurant business.


In addition to other areas of law for which Chokshi Filippone Law, LLC helps people and businesses, our office specializes in representing food service and restaurant owners.


Agostino S. Filippone grew up working at his family's pizza restaurant in Schiller Park, Illinois.  Attorney Filippone understands first-hand the unique issues facing family owned restaurants and can craft solutions to help clients overcome those issues. As a complement to Attorney Filippone's work with restaurant owners, Attorney Chokshi's background in immigration is valuable in dealing with employment concerns often facing restaurant owners. Restaurant owners already face significant stress from handling business, compliance, operational, employee, partner, and family concerns. Chokshi Filippone Law, LLC has the resources and background to help your restaurant succeed. Contact our office today so we can focus on solving your problem and you can focus on making great food and building your business.


Our attorneys are bilingual in Gujarati and Italian.


Restaurant Services Include:

  • Formation

  • Partner Agreements

  • Financial Agreements

  • Zoning

  • License and Permit

  • Ordinance Violations

  • Property Tax Appeals

  • Tax Incentives

  • Health Code Violations / Compliance

  • Business Valuation

  • Employment / Human Resources / Worker's Compensation

  • Insurance

  • Real Estate (Buy / Sell)

  • Leasing

  • Secured Transactions

  • Bankruptcy

  • Contract Disputes

  • Risk Mitigation

  • Franchise Issues

  • Trademark

  • Outside General Counsel

  • Sale / Work Outs / Separation Agreements

  • Litigation

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